About Govi

Govardhan Pinni (Image Source: Govi’s Gallery)

Govardhan, aka Govi, is a joyous life around you.

Govi’s Background

He’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy from India alongside Chartered Financial Analyst Course from CFA Institute and NISM modules. He’s a GGI Impact MBA Scholar and alumnus of the Global Governance Initiative (GGI). Also, he holds a bachelor’s degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Before the current work stint, he was associated with Lo Estro Advisors LLP in consulting space, primarily working in Investment Banking, M&A Transactions and Deal Strategy Advisory. Before that, he worked with Goldman Sachs in their Services Division in Finance Planning and Analysis (commonly known as FP&A) and with Grant Thornton in their Assurance Division.

His primary areas of professional interest are Consulting and Financial Markets.

What is Govi doing currently?

Govi is currently working as a Freelance Associate in Consulting Space. He is an active Portfolio Manager of funds for his friends and family, who invests and trades in the Indian Capital Markets space. He’s also an active freelance writer (content writing and personal branding) and content developer.

He is also an Engagement Manager with Impact Consulting on a pro bono basis. He works with Teach for Change as a volunteer in aiding the children of the government schools, primarily of 3rd and 4th standard in English and Maths.

His hustles include Writing and Travelling, while his significant hobbies are Gaming and Reading.

He’s also an amateur YouTuber who recently hit 150 subscriptions (yeah, check it up, and support him).

Apart from the above, he also has a Podcast Space, “The Unavailable Station (TUS)”, where he talks to people about life stories and specifics, which are WOWOW-ing!

What interests Govi, and what is he working on separately with his friends?

Govi is working on two key issues and his baby project related to financial markets exclusively, which will add value to the ecosystem.

Financial Literacy Program, which goes as ARTH, is currently under the content development stage, and the corporation’s name goes Unavailable Technology Private Limited.

Secondly, Govi is working on Seeking Enviro“, an eco-friendly enterprise bridging the loop between the pollution-causing factors, utilizing them to turn into safer ecosystem entities with the help of the Circular Economy and closing the loop. Seeking Enviro is currently in the ideation stage.

On another note, he’s building the Financial Markets space through his dedicated efforts and learnings through a space called MarketsOn. In, whose premium product Market Son is a tool on Trading View which throws alerts and indicators (to be released shortly).

He’s called Govi and Sai by his friends and family!

Ease of Access to Govi!

For further information about him, you can check his Linkedin or his Webspace!

Feel free to reach out to him at hello@govisnotes.com.

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