Book Review Policy

Hey! You’re with govisnotes!

Are you an author? Are you a publisher? Do you have a new book you’re writing?

If you’re either of the above and interested in sending me a book for review, I will gladly consider your request.

Please read the following carefully, explaining my reading preferences and key points –

Preferred Genre

I am open to unbiased reading and reviewing all genres except cookbooks, and procedural.

Accepted Formats for reviews

I read in all feasible formats – Paperbacks. Hardcovers. Kindle. Mobi. ePUB. Fiction Book.


It takes under three to five weeks to read and review the book. There is a significance in organizing my calendar, however if anything adhoc comes up, such as a queue of requests at times, it might take a little longer.

Review Policy

  • I charge as per industry standards for reading and reviewing.
  • A strict insight in asking me for a review is looking out for an unbiased, free of influence and honest criticism.
  • The review and criticism are aimed at the book and NOT towards the author.
  • I am open to organizing blog tours, live shows, moderate author interviews, and giveaways with a separate charge.
  • Please do not ask for free reviews and promotions, and we will not entertain them.

Rating System

  • 5 stars – Absolute Stunner.
  • 4 stars – Loved it.
  • 3 stars – Liked it.
  • 2 stars – It wasn’t bad.
  • 1 stars – Did not like it.

Where do I post the reviews? – Blog. Amazon. Goodreads. Twitter. Facebook Page. Instagram. Linkedin. Quora. Pinterest.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

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