Bitcoin: The price turbulence is evident, but what does the future hold for the significant crypto asset?

Backdrop The crypto market is known for the intense volatility driven by liquidity from across the globe. During the beginning of the pandemic, one of the major decisions by the Federal Reserve of The USA was to ease the interest rate norms, i.e., reducing the rate of interest and fueling the economy with sufficient resources [...]

Compliances: Adhering to KYC and AML norms is as essential as breathing in Oxygen?

Backdrop Over the last three to five years, there has been a significant rise in the crypto exchanges and wallets around the globe, driving immense liquidity with volumes, attracting new customers onto the platforms, and creating new altcoins, exchanges, and framing policies alongside. Blockchain is a free and decentralized network with a minimalistic presence of [...]

Market View | August 11, 2021

Market View | August 11, 2021

Welcome, all! Here, we present our market views based on the factors visible in the market, domestically and globally. To begin – Recap of last trading session (10 August 2021) – Although indices closed marginally higher to previous close, the day was, especially after mid-noon, was a roller coaster ride.In observation to derivatives, the morning [...]