Market View | August 02, 2021

Welcome, all! Here, we present our market views based on the factors visible in the market, domestically and globally. To begin –

Recap of last trading session (30 July 2021) –

1. Last trading session, i.e., on Friday (30 July 2021), we did witness a heavy moment on both sides. We saw that the range broke of 15826 (a solid resistance) broke and shot up in 15 mins towards 15860 levels from where it resisted and fell sharply to 15750 levels.
2. The sharp selling was added with the weak global cues aside from what the technical charts say.

For 02 August 2021 –

Domestic cues –
1. We’re into the first week of the August Expiry Series.
2. After the volatile day, we’re back in range again.

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